My name is Jake Broughton; I'm a solution-finder and full-stack software engineer, specializing in Rails, React, and Vue. I'm currently looking for the following:
  • Long-term partnerships with awesome people.
  • Involvement in a cool project, preferably doing frontend or full-stack work.
  • Remote work - a change of environment once in a while is invaluable to me.


I’m familiar with many different languages & frameworks, but nowadays these areas are where I excel (in no particular order):

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript (ES.Next)
  • React, Redux, Immutable.js
  • React Native (Ignite)
  • CSS (Sass, PostCSS, CSS Modules)
  • Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere
  • DevOps (AWS, Google Cloud)

Super powers

  • Seriously full-stack + some actual design skill
  • Solid communication & social skills
  • Innately positive & proactive
  • Creative thinker, problem solver
  • Experienced project planner & manager

Completed work

Book writer

A Rails app to help me visualize, write, and export articles or books as PDFs.

A video streaming website. The admin interface allows you to upload large videos, where they get transcoded into multiple qualities and formats using Amazon Elastic Transcoder, stored on S3, and finally delivered through Cloudfront to the end user.

Public House of Art

The Public House of Art was the first big project I took on as a freelancer; I worked with them from the very beginning, and I built their entire online platform, as well as provided input on its design.

I built this website using Ruby on Rails, and Spree - the biggest, most supported ecommerce framework for Rails. Spree is rock-solid, and is totally customizable and extendable, which allowed me to create or modify features & functionality, in order to meet the client's specifications. These features included:

  • The ability to add & administer artists, and associate them with their product (artworks).

  • Their unique price-tiering system and mount options.

  • A customized checkout flow, and a totally custom integration with a small Dutch payment gateway provider.


I built Kaanjo for a client in 2016, it consists of 2 parts: the JS plugin, and the Dashboard.

The plugin is for eCommerce websites and blogs, and it renders Facebook-style reaction icons (Like, Love, etc.).

The dashboard allows website owners to sign in, and provides an overview their collected data, see which pages (or products) are being reacted to, and of course which reactions their users are having. They can create multiple campaigns, each having different parameters, and custom end-user messages and icons (uploaded or chosen from a library of icons).